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Update your Home’s Plumbing for More Comfort and Less Hassles

Most of us only think about our homes plumbing when there’s no hot water or when you hear that dripping faucet as you’re trying to go to sleep.

Let Howard’s Plumbing update your home with a “tankless” water heater for endless hot water and washerless faucets, to put a stop to constantly replacing those leaky faucet washers.

Tankless water heaters instantly supply hot water on demand, so they save energy by not having to keep a large tank of water heated, like traditional water heaters. Our line of Navien water heaters are 99% efficient and have dual stainless steel heat exchangers to guard against corrosion. They are wall mounted and take up 80% less space than the standard 50 gallon tank-type water heaters. Call Howard’s for a quote!

Click to learn: The benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heater

Does your Home have Hard Water or Iron in the Water that leaves Stains?

Howard’s handles quality BrassMaster water softeners and iron filters that effectively remove the undesirable minerals, leaving you with clean, conditioned water for washing, bathing and protection of your home’s plumbing fixtures and equipment.

It is important to make sure that every plumbing upgrade that you have done complies with state plumbing codes, so your home’s plumbing system is trouble-free and operates properly.


We want you to know that you can count on Howard’s Plumbing to help you select exactly what you need and to professionally install it, so you can get on with enjoying your life.


Give Howard’s a call at (320) 274-8913 or send us an Email and let us help you repair or update your home’s plumbing.